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We are experts at producing and optimizing content for creative search opportunities including local search, organic map placement, media optimization, image optimization, shopping optimization, and YouTube. This technical markup includes rel=author,, rich snippets, and other annotations visible on the search results page. We also analyze the sitemap, directives, and robots.txt files to check for conflicts.


Our enterprise experience provides plenty of opportunities for search optimization, applying concepts and tests validated by larger sites with more traffic.


lionEater takes pride offering many of the same services as larger agencies but at a fraction of the cost. Local Agencies love outsourcing their work to us.


We provide robust SEO/PPC audits that help clients realize opportunities, followed by an action plan to integrate appropriate search strategies.

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Built Right The First Time

Enterprise websites can be done right with WordPress.

Find out how Technical SEO + WordPress can improve your marketing efforts, increase lead generation and provide your future customers with a friendly reminder when they search for a reliable brand or service.

When it comes to organic search, finding the right agency for the job is key for achieving results. We work one on one with our clients to enhance search presence using technical mark up, as well providing education and support services.

SEO Maintenance

Maintenance is important for medical websites as many different threats can disrupt the stability of hosting. By preventing malicious attacks and rejecting traffic from specific locations such as Russia or India, lionEater can mitigate the hazards of running a digital asset.

Maintaining a strong click-through rate, low bounce rate, and effective engagement the clinic is constantly monitored for any anomalies or spikes in traffic. When demand requires, additional pages are included on the site to incorporate new traffic trends, capturing SEO opportunities for local search.

Technology Partnership

Working with lionEater has streamlined our technical requirements.

– Briken Coatings

SEO Experience

With their assistance, we modified our strategy to include organic and paid search integration.

– Prince Edward County

Ready for ROI

Not cheap. lionEater™ offers professional digital marketing expertise at a fair price, providing quality service.

– PSI Engineering

Auditing Technical Aspects of SEO

Here are some basic considerations when performing SEO audits:

Canonical Tags


XML Sitemaps


Security & HTTPS


Crawl Errors


Site Architecture

Providing the right website support requires ongoing research and testing, especially when investigating the technical aspects of SEO. There is no ultimate SEO guide to “fixing all websites” which makes it difficult for the average agency to keep up with the responsibilities required to maintain technical SEO expertise. 

We work one on one with our clients to to provide best-in-class technical SEO audits, maintenance plans & affordable proposals for customized budgets, adjusting for restricted timelines while being transparent about the expected results.

Digital Marketing Foundations


Branded Search

The term Branded Search is used in search engine marketing to describe a type of search query related to your business. In most cases, you should always rank #1 for your branded search...
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Cost Per Click (CPC)

What is Cost-per-click (CPC) and what does it mean in AdWords reports? The easiest way to define CPC is the number that represents the cost for the advertiser every time someone or...
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eCommerce Architecture: Monolithic vs. Microservices & Headless CMS APIs

Before the development of application programming interfaces (APIs) and headless web development for eCommerce products, the average content management system (cms) would follow what is referred to as Monolithic Architecture. These Monolithic...
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Client stories relating to hosting performance gains.

Case Studies

Built-in-Canada Technical SEO Marketing since 2015

We started fixing big sites, little sites & failed sites that never made it off the ground. If there is a challenge in technical search marketing, chances are we’ve encountered it- either through research or first-hand experience.

lionEater is a leader in Canadian performance marketing, supplying actionable strategies that result in enhanced technical SEO benchmarks. We are in the business of keeping healthy websites in search results.

Not only is lionEater the best solution for technical SEO, but we are also affordably fierce.


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