Keyword Research

Specialty by lionEater

Keyword research can be a lost art in 2019. We like to use every possible harvesting tool, algorithm gaming strategy, or more of our savage approaches to paving a map for success. By identifying high-intent, undervalued keywords in the SERP we combine PPC and SEO efforts to pivot campaigns and optimize ad spend budgets.

Hours of Research
Local Keywords
Organic Reach
Days of Search

Keyword Mapping

Collaborating between SEO & PPC teams, our keyword research helps set the foundations for future content strategy, ads or social media campaigns.  Our process is old school– using spreadsheets, flow charts and digital marketing tools such as ScreamingFrog, SEMRush and Moz.


  • Keyword Intent
  • Competitor Gaps
  • Keyword Opportunities


  • Keyword Map
  • Relevance
  • Call to Action


  • Content Updates
  • Title & Meta Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization

Ongoing Support

  • Search Updates
  • Historical Insights
  • Questions and Reports

Matching Keywords with Intent

We find the topics, silos, related terms and keyword trends you haven’t heard of. Matching customers with their search intent, our keyword research services provide actionable data that is affordably fierce.


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