Social Media Marketing

Insights & Analysis

lionEater™ offers competitive social media marketing plans custom built for small and medium sized businesses without internal resources. We service industrial, local and e-commerce businesses with social media solutions that are custom designed for each client to achieve the most value. We work one on one with business owners to improve brand visibility online. Our small batch marketing team stay up to date with technology trends in social marketing, saving hours of research and second guessing for your social media strategy.

Technical Support

The top frustration besides organic search is commonly social media marketing. Our clients understand that we invest time into optimizing the campaign, ensuring brand alignment and integrating insights across marketing channels. Don’t know what any of that means? Neither did they! That’s where we come in: let us show you the power of social in sync with search.

Integrated Social Media

We combine the brand power of social media with the insights and analytics of search engine optimization to provide seamless integration into all marketing channels, turning likes into leads and shares into happy shareholders.

Our team monitors, reports and optimizes social media campaigns at affordable rates when bundled with other services such as Search Engine Optimization or Paid Advertising.

Hire A Social Manager

The trolls and fake news can be savage, integrating social media with organic insights is a long term investment, aligning brand message with brand presence. We’ll keep the technical gears running smoothly.


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