The challenge: ancient website with too many plugins, not mobile friendly or optimized for search.

Adapting for the 21st century is not the primary focus for most industrial based websites. When we initially met with PSI Engineering their website looked like an order form from the 90s. We applied modern design and responsive web technology to boost organic rankings for their print automation services.

ClientPSI Engineering
Project DateJuly 2018

Rebuilding Old Websites

Web migrations are complicated processes that require significant time commitments to properly move content over. Staying within budget, we decided that a new build would be the safest way to save time while reducing copywriting costs. While the old site had hundreds of blog posts, many of them were not ranking for significant keywords and the traffic was infrequent. Selecting the top performing pieces of content to migrate over while building new service pages saved hours of time as well as development costs.

While most of our clients decide to remain hosting on our servers, PSI Engineering wanted to avoid too many changes for their domain. After the staging process was complete for the new site we handed it over to be hosted on the server of their choice.

Our SEO-focused development cycle ensured that the new version of PSI ENGINEERING's website would be mobile-friendly, creating a seamless responsive user experience.

Development & Optimization

We designed a new site architecture focusing on the primary offerings from PSI Engineering. Between the printing and automation divisions of the company there was some SEO issues starting to arise. By setting up proper url structure along with optimized title and meta descriptions, PSI Engineering was able to distinguish each product and service from one another. This helped prospective customers properly find the relevant PSI Engineering technology for their automaton queries.

Organic Search Improvements

With the migration complete, organic search improved dramatically and showcased the power of technical SEO. After a few months of working to increase leads we handed the project off to a new marketing agency that was less technical after the migration was complete.