Grimsby SEO Services

Digital Marketing Visibility in Grimsby

Fifty Point Conservation area to Puddicome farms and wine country, we take a bite out of search marketing in Grimsby.

We provide experienced consulting for companies looking to improve their digital marketing efforts using AdWords, Web support, and organic search optimization.

Customized campaigns tailored to the local search queries in Stoney Creek and surrounding areas, we’ll map out your customer base and help understand how they use search to communicate with your brand.



    Our enterprise experience provides plenty of opportunities for search optimization, applying concepts and tests validated by larger sites with more traffic.


    lionEater takes pride offering many of the same services as larger agencies but at a fraction of the cost. Local Agencies love outsourcing their work to us.


    We provide robust SEO/PPC audits that help clients realize opportunities, followed by an action plan to integrate appropriate search strategies.

    We streamline your digital marketing services

    Digital Marketing Integration

    As a boutique content marketing agency, we can accomplish small business search optimization in Grimsby at a fraction of the efforts of traditional marketing agencies.

    The best way to stay on top of local business in the Grimsby and Hamilton region is to always be testing. When it comes to analyzing websites and getting to the bottom of local SEO issues in Grimsby, lionEater is the best solution for any small business.

    Paid Search

    We run A/B tests, set up landing pages, analyze search analytics data, and repair broken links in your site structure.

    We have performed tactical competitor audits in almost every niche, solving complex issues on a tight budget, and helping businesses grow online across the Greater Hamilton region.

    Organic Search

    We work one on one with business owners in the area to improve local search visibility online.

    Our small batch marketing team challenges our web developers to stay up to date with technology trends saving hours of research and second guessing for your SEO strategy.

    Leaders in Search

    lionEater™ offers plans for small and medium sized businesses in Grimsby that are affordable, contract free and without messy reporting.

    Search Maintenance

    Keeping up with business in Grimsby requires ongoing testing. We run PPC campaigns, SEO tests, social media experiments — you name it. Our consulting strategies ensure that small business owners get a hands-on partnership with one of the best SEO companies in Hamilton.

    Certified SEMRush Partner

    Grimsby Search Demand

    Every industry offers Grimsby a unique set of product or services. For a category like Automotive, 500 people are searching every month to find solutions to their car troubles, purchase a new car, or finding out what is making that awful clunking sound when they hit a bump on the highway. Each of those users costs $2.67 on average to get their attention to your website.


    Hosting & Management

    The difference that a fast host makes. We have improved organic search by 200% just by moving clients to faster hosting.

    We offer competitive, affordable rates that provide a level of customer service only possible when you remove corporate gatekeepers and webmasters.

    Check out our case study for a local medical website that increased leads using organic content in North York.