Dr. Dishani Cosmetic Clinic

Built for Fast & Easy Customer Aquisition

During the 2018-2019 season we tested keywords using Google AdWords, bidding on competitive keywords in a medically regulated space. By meeting compliance standards, we tested “Botox” related keywords without any quality concerns from Google.

We developed fresh content, specifically “Botox in 20s” to target test segments which proved to be very successful. These experiments revealed gaps in competitor performance and helped pivot inefficient spending on AdWords.

By integrating Adwords and search engine optimization, we reduced average cost per click while moving new customers to recurring searchers

Dr. Dishani Clinic

Located in North York, Toronto the Dr. Dishani clinic offers cosmetic and beauty services including PRP, Botox, Vampire Facelift and Facial. 

Using our Keyword Research methodology we discovered 50 potential targets to approach for organic traffic.

Combining SEO with Paid Search Campaigns we were able to identify which keywords were worth bidding on and which ones provided little conversion value. By adjusting our targets we maintained a low Cost Per Click with excellent Click Through Rates, optimizing for our tight budget of 3k.

ClientDr. Dishani Cosmetic Clinic
Project DateNovember 2018

SEO Performance

Dr. Dishani is a licensed professional and clinically certified to practice Vampire Facial® Treatments, Vampire Facelift® Treatments, Botox® and Filler skin treatments as well as PRP injection.

We designed a keyword plan that incorporated semantically relevant phrases to capture organic search queries related to PRP and Botox.

3.40% CTR

$1.71 Average CPC

12.5 Average Position