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    The Host with the Most

    lionEater™ Optimized Hosting provides an affordable, scalable content management solution that can carry forward into any stage of growth. Performance gains from hosting are especially effective for earning organic clicks within the local search space.

    We understand that big hosting companies like HostGator and GoDaddy can offer bargain pricing based on the exponential quantity of customers locked into long-term contracts. We provide a level of customer service only available from a boutique business partner.

    Better Conversion

    A faster loading website increases the opportunities for conversions.

    Stable SEO Outcomes

    Hosting improved keywords for Medical, Legal, Insurance & Industrial clients.

    Improved ROI on Ads

    Eliminates load issues related to online ad performance.

    Local SEO

    Enhanced for Canadian clients seeking local customers.

    SEO Hosting Benefits

    Our SEO Web Hosting helps insure that a strong click-through rate, low bounce rate, and effective engagement are acceptable for mobile users by optimizing site load speed, caching, and multi-browser performance.  

    Case Studies

    lionEater™ Optimized Hosting operates on open source technology such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. When former Wix users migrate to our servers they gain the benefit of direct customer service. Handling the hosting, migration, and maintenance throughout the lionEater™ infrastructure servicing clients with Magento or other enterprise eCommerce platform consulting as needed.