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Great websites require excellent copywriting and content marketing. Knowing the difference between what reads for search and what reads for paper are just some of the perspectives our creative team can provide your business. We combine principles of search optimization with great writing to accomplish positive results.

Organic Discovery

Our content is designed with search in mind so your customers (and prospective customers) will find you naturally, providing a scaled approach for organic search marketing. Site structure, titles and meta information are also provided in our recommendations.

Evergreen Content

The art of writing something meaningful is becoming harder with over 5.2 BILLION daily Google Searches in 2017 and growing. We can help keep your content online, providing best practices for evergreen content. What is evergreen? Anything that provides ongoing value to customers, such as answering a question or organizing information in a clear, concise manner.

Keyword Strategy

We map out a topical road map to earn more organic keywords, attracting visitors with engaging content designed specifically for your audience.

Topical Research

Understanding each search space for unique industries is our expertise. Discovering new content opportunities is our passion.


Sometimes the right words can activate digital responses. Great SEO copywriting can be the difference between a click or local lead.

Ongoing Support

Questions about search? Numbers don’t match? The lionEater team is ready to support any challenges that might come your way.

Trusted by Top Brands

We can diagnose and recover lost opportunities in organic search, performing content audits and making recommendations to improve visibility. Content definitely requires an investment of time, coupled with hard work. Although results are not immediate, content marketing can skyrocket search efforts. It’s improved organic search for brands like Playboy, Walmart, Lifemark and

We approach content from a holistic, search forward perspective. That means that every piece of writing not only considers the human reading on the other side, but the search engine sorting the information in the middle. 

SEO Copywriting

Our copywriting resources cover all levels of web writing needs. From brand personalization to building a company voice, our SEO friendly copywriting will keep visitors on track with your industry or niche. E-mail marketing, social media posts or LinkedIn professional profiles, our creative team is experienced at lionizing your content. Our diverse team of writers come from many backgrounds including health and technology. We are experts at telling company stories without the fluff.

Content marketing requires experienced writers willing to take the time for editing, rewriting and communicating with our clients every step of the way. We deliver content that is fast, reliable and written by university educated, native english speakers so your message is not misrepresented by novice writing.

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Our Content Marketing services are crafted with technical expertise, creative and search engine optimization to provide the best opportunities for organic search.


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