What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

When you hear the term Paid vs. Organicit is describing the source of the traffic to the website. For example, organic traffic is technically “free”, and is awarded by earning favour with the search engines. On-Page SEO is an important element in earning organic traffic, as well as links. These are organic signals that help the algorithm determine what the pages are about. Paid Traffic is when you bid on pay-per-click keywords to solicit search engine clicks on Google or Bing. Performing Sometimes the ads look so natural that people confuse them with organic results, adding to the complexity of leveraging Adwords and SEO. Any time there is a keyword put through a Google search bar, there is a good chance that someone will pay to have their result appear first.

Most companies will use a healthy mix of Paid and Organic traffic to increase visitors to their site. This can be done by spending more money on ads, or developing new content that solves a query submitted on Google. Earning competitive organic traffic is arguably harder than bidding on keywords, with both avenues having their strengths and drawbacks.