Backlink Audits & Research

Understanding Trust and Authority

We can assess the value of all your backlinks and consult your risks of being impacted by their negative influence. Our tools provide weighted markers that compare over 45 indicators for toxic link profiles. Enterprise backlink tools such as Moz, AHRefs and SEMRush dig into competitor link profiles to discover new link building opportunities During the audit process we take industry factors into account and provide local link strategies for small and medium business.

Search Engines interpret links as votes or endorsements across the web. While backlinks provide a map for crawlers to follow, they can sometimes be abused. Unfortunately most web teams are unable to audit and understand the complexity of their affects on SEO. Our team can truncate toxic link efforts or repair gaps in current link building strategies.

Backlink Detectives

lionEater uses a conservative approach to backlink audits, providing insight on previous link building campaigns. Our expertise is also helpful when vetting influencers or guest blog opportunities. We investigate thoroughly, avoiding potential issues down the line.


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