Toronto Advertising & Search Engine Marketing Services

Improve Digital Marketing Visibility in Toronto & Etobicoke

From mid-town to downtown, Scarborough or Etobicoke, lionEater supports the performance of budding entrepreneurs in the Toronto core to empower their businesses using search marketing.

We provide experienced consulting for companies looking to improve their digital marketing efforts using AdWords, Website Maintenance, Marketing Support, and verified Canadian Virtual Assistance.

We can build customized campaigns tailored to the local search queries in Toronto and surrounding areas,  mapping out potential customer demographics while helping your business understand how to use search marketing to communicate your brand message.


    SEO vs AdWords in Toronto, ON

    Insurance industries are the most expensive marketing channel in Toronto, followed by legal services. It is recommended that these businesses investigate local SEO strategies to reduce overall costs.

    We streamline your digital marketing services

    Digital Marketing Integration

    As an agile technical content marketing agency, we can accomplish small business search optimization in Toronto at a fraction of the costs of other larger, slower marketing agencies.

    The best way to stay on top of local business in the Toronto and nearby Mississauga region is always to be testing. When analyzing websites and getting to the bottom of local SEO issues in Toronto, lionEater is the best solution for growing small to medium-sized businesses.

    Paid Search

    We run A/B tests, set up landing pages, analyze search analytics data and repair broken links in your site structure.

    We have performed tactical competitor audits in almost every niche, solving complex issues on a tight budget, and helping business grow online across the Greater Toronto Hamilton region.

    Organic Search

    We work one on one with business owners in the area to improve local search visibility online.

    Our small batch marketing team challenges our web developers to stay up to date with technology trends saving hours of research and second guessing for your SEO strategy.


    Our enterprise experience provides plenty of opportunities for search optimization, applying concepts and tests validated by larger sites with more traffic.


    lionEater takes pride offering many of the same services as larger agencies but at a fraction of the cost. Local Agencies love outsourcing their work to us.


    We provide robust SEO/PPC audits that help clients realize opportunities, followed by an action plan to integrate appropriate search strategies.

    Leaders in Search

    lionEater™ offers plans for small and medium sized businesses in Toronto that are affordable, contract free and without messy reporting.

    Search Maintenance

    Keeping up with business in Toronto requires ongoing testing. We run PPC campaigns, SEO experiments, social media campaigns — you name it. Our consulting strategies ensure that small business owners get a hands-on partnership with one of the most technically competent SEO e-Commerce companies in Canada.

    Budgeting Adwords

    Users turn to search engines to get answers and solve problems.

    In order to win the click, businesses need to offer tangible solutions to the problems of potential customers. At lionEater, we pride ourselves on the integration of both Paid Search/SEM and Search Engine Optimization. We implement proven strategies to put your business on top of the competition.


    Research & Development

    By leveraging an SEM strategy, we can work together to test content opportunities and generate site traffic on queries that your website may not already rank for, at a budget that suits the capacity of your business.