Integrated SEO

Paid Search Strategy

Optimizing for Search Intent

When people are searching for something, they usually have a question, or want to accomplish something (search intent)

The best ads usually direct them to a website with an answer, while being a bit of a surprise and delight for the user. 

Ad Impressions are the measure of how many users saw/heard your ad on a digital platform.

In Search, we don’t use Impressions as a KPI, because they aren’t as valuable as an Engagement metric and may not drive value for business. Rather, they help us size up the opportunity in Search.

Paid Search Results

Activate on Google Ads to bid your way to the top of the search results’ sponsored listings to selectively serve a search result to targeted users based on their queries. 

Paid advertising in Search allows for brands to selectively target users based on Keywords and Audience data

It also allows for a brand to show their message to users who may not have seen it otherwise.

Campaign Management

We take the fuss out of AdWords and manage the campaigns for you, providing monthly reports and suggestions for paid marketing efforts.

Professional Copywriting

Our team is well versed in ad copy, we even wrote 400 different variations for a campaign overnight before a trade show. Clients know our copy gets clicks.

Keyword Expansion

The keywords you want and the keywords you need are often two different challenges. We help expand on what is working to help find what works even better.

Goal Tracking

Our PPC strategy is about measuring results. We set up goal and conversion tracking, Google Tag Manager and Analytics to ensure that every click to order counts.

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We harness the power of paid search with organic data from Google to achieve powerful results. Using keyword insights to uncover new digital opportunities, every paid campaign operated by lionEater is optimized to improve spend for the next month, expanding upon current prospects and potential customers.


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