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Our blog is full of helpful tips and horror stories across the Internet. Some great posts we might recommend for someone learning SEO or looking for inspiring case studies about small business success strategies.

Yelp Optimization

Google vs. Yelp With the importance of reviews on the rise, connecting with third-party services such as Yelp can yield organic visibility when it comes to local search. For smaller less recognized brands, Yelp may be the fastest route to first page results. If you can foster positive reviews and improve your Yelp score you...
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Hootsuite Alternatives

ALTERNATIVES TO HOOTSUITE THAT WE HAVE USED Successfully managing social media presence is without a doubt the biggest challenge for small businesses that are developing a digital marketing strategy. Time and effort is often wasted on logging into multiple social media platforms, writing and scheduling posts across multiple accounts, and keeping track of multiple streams...
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Tayai Predicts White Racism and Donald Trump

@TayAndYou AI is the future of SEO, but how soon that future comes upon us is dependant on how the machines learn from humans first. Microsoft’s latest AI which learns rhetoric and language from interactions on others on Twitter has turned into a Hitler loving, sex crazed Donald Trump fanatic. The Microsoft AI chatbot Tay...
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Net Neutrality in USA

The Effect of Net Neutrality’s Repeal on B2B Marketing Throughout the infancy of the commercial internet in the 1990s and well into its adolescence in the 2000s, the web has pretty much remained a free and open source of information. In fact, prior to February 2015 when the FCC voted to reclassify ISPs as public...
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Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality relates to the idea and principle that any Internet Service Provider must treat all data equally, regardless of source, type or destination. What does this mean for businesses and search engine optimization? While the current principles of open internet remains in place, customers are free to access everything on the...
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Wix to WordPress

Help! I want to switch to WordPress. It’s not a secret that building a website has become easier in the last 10 years. With the growth of responsive web pages, the overhead for design and hard coding is often overlooked. What seems like a functional website has become the subject of bootstrapping, stealing WordPress code...
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