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Business Support & Growth

We believe that time is the most valuable resource today and money comes in second. With that in mind, lionEater™ is happy to announce that we now offer Virtual Assistance Services along with our Marketing Services to help busy business owners manage their workload, reduce the administrative burden, and ensure cost-effective Human Resources Assistance.

Over 8+ years of operational enterprise experience provide plenty of opportunities for business optimization, including lionEater™ Executive Virtual Assistant support.

Administrative challenges prevent many entrepreneurs from growing their businesses.

Our team has perfected the art of delegating operational, day-to-day tasks to our qualified Virtual Assistant while CEOs can focus on high-priority tasks without worrying about administrative turnover.

We focus on growth strategy and assist with the administrative operations of your business.


EVAs are registered Canadian citizens or permanent residents with qualified University or College degrees from respected institutions in Canada


Our Virtual Assistants are qualified in supporting invoicing, filing purchase orders, budget tracking, relationship management, and document accessibility testing

Human Resources

lionEater takes pride in offering Canadian virtual assistants for Human Resources, Administrative Assistance, Virtual Reception & Virtual Event Coordination 

Evergreen Content Management

Writing something meaningful is becoming more challenging with over 5.2 BILLION daily Google Searches in 2017 & still growing.

Our dedicated Virtual Assistants can help keep your content online, providing best practices for evergreen content related to a specific industry or service.

What does evergreen content look like? Some of the best content ROI comes from Evergreen content. This includes anything that provides lasting value to customers, such as answering a question or organizing information in a clear, concise manner.

Executive VA Services in Canada

Building better business by understanding intent.

We have assisted medical clinics and beauty salons in successfully advertising on Google by maintaining an updated, easy-to-use website tailored for new patient acquisition. Supporting small or enterprise business tasks requires the same level of curiosity and understanding of each business to adapt the skill sets necessary for client success.

Improving Organic Business

Our VA/EVAs are trained by lionEater to approach every task with search in mind so your customers (and prospective customers) can find you naturally, and as easily as possible. Our SEO specialization and exposure to search marketing data help with research and development, providing scaled approaches for business optimization.

Organizational structure analysis, departmental performance gaps, or third-party vendor opportunities to improve spend efficiencies are also provided with our EVA recommendations.

Technology Partnership

Working with lionEater has streamlined our technical requirements.

– Briken Coatings

SEO Experience

With their assistance, we modified our strategy to include organic and paid search integration.

– Prince Edward County

Ready for ROI

Not cheap. lionEater™ offers professional digital marketing expertise at a fair price, providing quality service.

– PSI Engineering

Request VA/EVA

Unlike other services that require monetary deposits, lionEater applies a conservative approach to accepting clients for EVAs.

Due to the sensitive nature and duration of these working relationships, we investigate each business that requests our EVA services thoroughly, avoiding potential issues down the line.

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