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Fix my impossible problem!

* Impossible varies, but our work is always best in class. While each project is subject to resource availability, average retainer timetable is six to twelve months.


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    Digital Marketing Partners

    lionEater™ offers digital marketing maintenance plans for small and medium-sized businesses that are affordable, contract-free, and without messy reporting.

    Search Maintenance

    Keeping ahead of business requires ongoing testing. We run PPC campaigns, SEO tests, social media experiments — you name it. Our consulting strategies ensure that small business owners get a hands-on partnership with one of the best technical SEO focused companies in North America.

    Growing Search Visibility

    No matter how they search for your business those users come with digital costs. Our award-winning strategies start with considering the unique set of problems or challenges customers are facing in your industry.

    Marketing lives beyond SEO or Paid Search budgets. Our complimentary search engine optimization tactics work together with paid media to maintain brand visibility. This proven integrated approach has been designed to reduce average spending on user acquisition while improving ROI for all marketing campaigns.

    With applied digital marketing tactics we can quickly create feedback loops for data analysis. When tools are configured properly it is easy to identify how people are searching every month to find solutions to their personal troubles, purchase a new product, or research information using online reviews about a brand they heard about from a friend.




    Our enterprise experience provides plenty of opportunities for search optimization, applying concepts and tests validated by larger sites with more traffic.


    lionEater takes pride offering many of the same services as larger agencies but at a fraction of the cost. Local Agencies love outsourcing their work to us.


    We provide robust SEO/PPC audits that help clients realize opportunities, followed by an action plan to integrate appropriate search strategies.