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Helping entrepreneurs stay visible since 2015.

All of our consulting engagements are designed with search in mind so SEO is never an after-thought. We specialize in the delivery of technical services such as performance audits, domain migrations, and content analysis to identify, solve and optimize website problems.

We are committed to improving your business presence online.

  • Search Friendly Advice
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  • Technical Expertise

Technical SEO Urgencies & eCommerce ROI Rely on lionEater™

Traditional “SEO” and “Monthly Fee” marketing agencies can’t cut the modern Google landscape.

lionEater™ is a Canadian company that began as a start-up leading the search engine optimization industry in Hamilton, Ontario. Our shared technical knowledge and experience in digital marketing have increased performance for small and enterprise businesses throughout the region, spanning prairie provinces, cottage rental businesses, and tourism stops — all the way to the mountaintops of British Columbia.

lionEater™ is a recognized leader in technical search marketing (T-SEO), providing practical digital marketing services to build cost-effective integrated marketing strategies for enterprise businesses across North America.

Our service focuses on eCommerce, SME & high grossing industries where the value of agile digital marketing efforts can yield profitable results and growth for the business. lionEater™  provides project proposals with sustainable budgets that meet the minimum thresholds for digital marketing success.

Previous agencies can’t compete with the level of technical service provided. If they could, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now, right?


Our enterprise experience provides plenty of opportunities for search optimization, applying concepts and tests validated by larger sites with more traffic.


lionEater takes pride offering many of the same services as larger agencies but at a fraction of the cost. Local Agencies love outsourcing their work to us.


Our SEO/PPC audits help realizes business opportunities, followed by action plans that integrate appropriate search strategies.

Client Preferred Services

While we offer many niche services such as reputation management, we are best known for our technical aptitude performing high level search engine audits. We start by applying code or server configuration updates, optimizing the core of the site. Typically our clients experience an improvement in organic performance within the first month of service.

We are partners with an array of enterprise SEO tools that collectively would cost your business over 1k per month from your marketing technology budget. 

AHREFs partner

We've worked with Walmart, Playboy & Prince Edward County to improve Technical SEO

Enterprise SEO Audits

Why hire team lionEater?

  • We are excited by lionEater’s professionalism and passion for their work and value they bring to help Berkeley North’s SEO.

    Matthew W
    Co-Owner, Berkeley North
  • Not cheap. lionEater offer a fair price and provide good service.

    Raif R
    CEO, PSI Engineering
  • The lionEater team came in with enthusiasm and creative ideas regarding the future of our web content. With their assistance we modified our strategy to include organic and paid search integration.

    Trevor C
    Marketing, Prince Edward County
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eCommerce SEM ROI


Search Analysis

We dig into the layers of search engine factors that are required to appear in Google, Bing and Voice search.


We write Ad Copy, site content, on-page elements including blog updates to grow a consistent presence in search. 

Applied Research

Collecting applied data and offering A/B testing targeting, we combine research to improve user experience.

Speed Optimization

Mobile site speed is paramount for eCommerce and online retailers. Our specialty is identifying and correcting technical gaps across mobile devices.

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    Cost Saving Results, Improvement of ROI

    lionEater™ Support for Business

    Organic Discovery

    Our content is designed with search in mind so your customers (and prospective customers) will find you naturally, providing a scaled approach for organic search marketing. Site structure, titles and meta information are also provided in our recommendations.

    Maintaining a strong click-through rate, low bounce rate, and effective engagement the clinic is constantly monitored for any anomalies or spikes in traffic. When demand requires, additional pages are included on the site to incorporate new traffic trends, capturing SEO opportunities for local search.

    SEO Maintenance

    Maintenance is important for medical websites as many different threats can disrupt the stability of hosting. By preventing malicious attacks and rejecting traffic from specific locations such as Russia or India, lionEater can mitigate the hazards of running a digital asset.

    Paid Search

    We provide robust SEO/PPC audits that help clients realize opportunities, followed by an action plan to integrate appropriate search strategies. Our PPC strategies run in tandem with SEO.

    ImprovingPaid Search

    Our Paid Search Audits can uncover budget waste and re-align campaigns into ROI positive spending.

    Our success starts with data driven campaigns that typically return a 1:2 ROI, or for every dollar spent we make double that amount in attributed sales revenue.



    MaintainingPaid Search Audits

    Organic Search

    We are one of Canada’s Leading Technical SEO Agencies, providing award-winning search strategies to uncover digital marketing opportunities or complex issues with our Advanced SEO Audits.

    ImprovingOrganic Search

    Organic Search is one of the most important marketing channels for any business. Our integrated approach with SEO ensures that Paid Search Ads are always complimenting our SEO efforts.

    We work one on one with business owners in the area to improve local search visibility online. SEO is a vital part to any local business, harnessing the power of modern search engines without the cost of pay per click.


    MaintainingTechnical SEO

    Our certified Technical SEO strategies help small business reach profit potential by establishing best practices for the web on every property we touch.

    Our small batch marketing team challenges our web developers to stay up to date with technology trends saving hours of research and searching online for SEO strategies.


    Potential clients and partner agencies are screened to ensure success with the Agency


    Our service disruptions rarely happen, and when they do they are typically tied to National outages.


    Service tailored to clients with a family business. If it doesn’t help ROI, we don’t suggest doing it.

    Content Marketing + Technical SEO

    The best way to get value from the organic search algorithm is to give it what it wants: great content. Conversational, human-oriented content definitely ranks above spammy keyword-stuffed content with little or no value. This doesn’t mean that your old content is no good, but it might need some search engine optimization.

    Copywriting for Search

    Our copywriting resources cover all levels of web writing needs. From brand personalization to building a company voice, our SEO friendly copywriting will keep visitors on track with your industry or niche. Our diverse team of writers come from many backgrounds including health and technology. We are experts at telling company stories without the fluff.

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    Reduce the barriers for prospective visitors by optimizing for keywords related to each customer journey phase. By prioritizing the most sought-after questions in each industry, keyword research identifies topic clusters where details related to customer service are paramount. Solving these questions before someone else can make the difference between a successful eCommerce business and a digital paperweight.

    Paid Search Strategy & Integrated SEM

    We harness the power of paid search with organic data from Google to achieve powerful results. Using keyword insights to uncover new digital opportunities, every paid campaign operated by lionEater is optimized to improve spending for the next month, expanding upon current prospects and potential customers.

    Paid Search Strategy

    • PPC Management
    • AdWords Audit
    • Optimizing Media Spend
    • Keyword Optimization

    Hosting + Web Migration

    • Redirect Map
    • Structural Direction
    • Content Migration & Pruning
    • Caching Enhancements

    Technical SEO Maintenance

    • Internal Link Structuring
    • HTML Code Cleanup
    • Structured Data Markup
    • Pagespeed Performance

    Content Marketing

    • Content Strategy
    • Blogging
    • Service Pages
    • eCommerce PLPs
    • eCommerce PDPs

    Still on the fence? Consider these friendly reviews.

    We understand what it takes to win at local search, earning organic reviews from reputable sources. Servicing local communities like Ottawa, Hamilton, Niagara & London with local websites built mindfully with search engine optimization intent baked into every page.

    Competing for Search

    Our local web developments have improved ranking for small business owners across the GTA at reasonable prices that are ROI positive after the first year.

    We invest in hosting, development, or search engine experiments to push the Google algorithm to its limits. This ensures our customers are always the “fastest in the SERP” compared to other marketing agencies that avoid hosting altogether.

    Audit SEO Performance

    Where others blame Google. We can actually solve it.

    lionEater™ Optimized Web Hosting

    Our Hosting Plans include the following:

    • Secure Canadian server farm running fast, reliable services.
    • All Plans include SEO Discounts.
    • Single Point of Contact for technology needs, scaling services, and growing businesses.
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) & Content Delivery Network (CDN) Support.
    • Domain Name Procurement, Management.
    • Clean IP neighborhoods & strict business hosting eligibility.