What is a Technical SEO?

What is a Technical SEO and what services can they provide? The fundamentals of Technical SEO address issues related to site architecture, server performance, technical directives, and ease of use for search engine bots to crawl. Typically any Technical SEO consultant will audit the target domain and identify search engine performance gaps before designing new marketing campaigns. Technical SEO is our focus because it improves overall performance before content strategy starts to run smoothly. Depending on the number of pages for a website, digital marketing budgets, willingness to experiment, and technical investment the cost-benefit of running tech SEO support can provide affordable performance stability.

Other factors for technical SEO optimization include the server that you are hosting with, the services or settings being used to deliver the page content, and the designated search directives. Typically when new websites are crawled by Google to be considered for indexing, there are several performance considerations that can prevent websites from ranking on search. From language tags, internationalization, canonical or internal link structure, most businesses can benefit from a component technical seo.

Search enhancements such as jobs, recipes or reviews can also be performed by a technical SEO who understands the applicable schema.org entity set. For example, if your business was looking for new employees you could leverage technical SEO to display results in the local “Jobs” pack. In the case of this job search strategy, the total campaign spend would be building the page or if it is already built, implementing the appropriate technical mark up.

Investing in technical SEO has some of the greatest ROI benefits when digital marketing performance goals are not being met. For more information about enhancing performance using integrated marketing strategies consult with our organic search team or check our local technical SEO audits.