Branded Search

The term Branded Search is used in search engine marketing to describe a type of search query related to your business. In most cases, you should always rank #1 for your branded search queries, including any long tail variations such as brand + location, brand + reviews, or brand + product name. After a website is indexed on Google and it can recognize the brand name with clear SEO. Sometimes third party review websites or opinion pieces will rank for branded keywords, which can negatively effect PR efforts. This is why branded search is so important, and the foundation of virtually all small business search engine optimization. It can also be a customer service nightmare if it is ignored.

Due to their relatively easy ability to rank, branded keywords are typically not used as targets for SEO efforts. They are more like an added passive benefit of good SEO practices, promoting products based on the branded search intent.

The product offerings include only Nike related items, with preference to those hosted on their branded domain.