What does Acquisition mean in Search Marketing?

When using the term “Acquisition” in search engine marketing it typically relates to the actions and sign-up, purchase or contact events collected to identify prospective customers. Ideally, there are connections between the internet and reaching out to customers for qualifying these events into a CRM or customer database.

There are many different audience report categories to map when, where, and how an Acquisition event took place. This can help build processes for qualifying customers and saving time for the business. The acquisition features of Google Analytics helps reveal where your visitors originated from such as social networks, search engine marketing or other referral traffic. Some of these categories include Demographics, Interests, Cross-Device, Technology & Geographic location.

The Google Analytics Acquisition Overview report (whew, long one) is a great way to measure the performance of traffic using conversion, behavioural, and the Acquisition-Behaviour-Conversion (ABC) cycle. This information is vital when calculating the value per lead, lifetime value of a customer, etc across multiple marketing channels.

Comparing traffic sources such as Social, Direct, E-Mail, Organic & Paid Search, Referral & Other Advertising to see which are generating users that convert into customers.

So what does Acquisition mean in Digital Marketing?

Typically it is the measurement of the traffic source, medium, and conversion data to compare user behaviours tailored for a specific action or event, such as signing up for a service or purchasing a product.