eCommerce Issues & Common Marketing Problems

As the growth of eCommerce in Canada continues, so do the problems that can arise if search marketing fundamentals are overlooked during the development and growth process.

Thanks to consumer friendly platforms like Shopify who provide ease of access for getting a website started, there is a surge of business in Canada with new companies popping up every day. There is certainly value in having ease-of-use at the beginning of any business but that overall value begins to fade quickly as hard coding enhanced search features or tagging efforts become more complex.

Here are the top eCommerce Issues for Business

Using simple eCommerce solutions can be as easy as picking a business idea and clicking publish on a website. Nurturing, growing and maintaining the performance of an eCommerce business is much harder work and demands accurate analytics integrations with attention to detail.

Lack of Basic SSL & Security Considerations

  • Website does not have SSL or uses non secure assets mixed with HTTPs, causing browsers to “Warn” users of insecure content and preventing click through
  • Website does not consider encrypting user data, having a robust server with security maintenance. Suffers a cyber attack and faces expensive liabilities for data breach.
  • Lack of back ups, databases or Recovery drives during hardware failure
  • Lack of incident response plan for privacy breaches, server downtime, etc.

Lack of Competitor Considerations

  • Overlooking Market Saturation
  • Not Considering Viability of Product
  • Not Determining Unique Value Proposition
  • SEM Budgets, inbound Content Marketing Costs
  • Organic Search Competition & Keyword Targets
  • Average Competitor Page Speed, User Experience

Lack of Order Fulfillment & Positive Customer Experience

  • Unable to Handle Customer Support
  • Failed Orders, Depreciated Efficiency
  • Bottlenecks in Product Supply
  • Logistics, Storing & Distribution Issues
  • Broken Shopping Cart
  • Website Crashes Intermittingly

Lack of Address, Contact Number or Refund Policy

  • No Reputable Contact Point
  • Lack of Physical Location, GMB, Name Address and Place
  • No Privacy Policy or User Agreement
  • No visible Product Refund Policy
  • No Clear Branding Accountability

Lack of Brand Consistency, Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Lack of Analytics & Search Marketing Integrations
  • Unable to Track Sales or Source of Traffic
  • Lack of Paid Search Strategy
  • Lack of SEO Maintenance
  • Duplicated Content
  • Low Indexability

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