Search Console Webmaster Tools

Although it is not required to set up Search Console to begin promoting your website on Google it certainly helps. Crawlers will discover new domains regardless if Analytics or Google Search Console are set up but the owner of the website will be blind to any issues that may arise with their organic search visibility. Any SEO project definitely starts with investigating Search Console for any hints.

Webmaster tools are necessary for diagnosing performance, communicate with crawlers, submit new content you want to appear or remove old content you don’t want to appear. It also contains the organic data for search queries that were used to find your site. Google will communicate these errors early before they impact search performance. Most technical issues such as malware or manual penalties will also be identified using Search Console.

If you don’t have a Search Console account yet, we can help you properly configure an account so you can begin tracking organic keywords for free. Combined with Google Analytics, Search Console and Webmaster Tools can provide invaluable insights for affordable web traffic improvements.