What does Conversion measure in Search Marketing?

A conversion is the measure of a completed activity, online or offline that when activated is a measurable key performance indicator of an intended target action or behaviour. Put simply, it is the completion of any activity on a website that is important to the success of the business. It could be a transaction, a sign-up or a custom action that triggers the conversion event.

With the most recent addition of GA4 (or New Google Analytics) the complexities of calculating conversions continue to evolve across multi-channel acquisition models. This includes user activities such as when they first open an app, participate an in-app purchase, a store subscription, and any renewal events.

Turning off conversion events is just as important as measuring them.

It’s important to understand that within Google Analytics, all attribution models exclude direct visits from receiving credit unless the conversion cannot be attributed to a campaign. This is why having an agency to support analytics integrations can save time and effort exhausting digital marketing efforts.

So what is a Conversion?

A conversion is a measure of any completed activity, both online and offline that falls within the set attribution window that was activated by events tied throughout the customer journey.