What does Behaviour measure in Search Marketing?

Before the advent of the internet, smartphones and daily digital engagements for messaging or opening doors there was no practical or financially viable way to measure broad behaviours of people or contextualize captured data into actionable, measurable insights.

Consumer attitudes and behaviour are an essential part of any product consideration. This is especially true for eCommerce and online businesses as digital marketing offers the most robust collection and analysis potential of customer information.

With minimal effort, a simple Google Analytics implementation can provide your website with the behavioural measurements are necessary for enhancing user engagement, improving conversion rates or adapting custom event tracking.

The Behaviour Flow Report can be used to troubleshoot user engagement or identify performance gaps in content strategy. This can help identify popular paths to content, logical flow of browsing and individual Cohorts of interest for further analysis.

So what is User Behaviour Analytics?

User Behaviour Analytics refers to measuring the communication between mobile applications, websites & IoT devices to determine engagement, usage insights and eCommerce events to drive improvement for user experience and business performance.