Our Search Methods for Business

Ongoing SEO Strategy

Our ongoing SEO plans include keyword research services, giving our team time to build a target list, expanding the potential traffic every three to six months. Depending on your industry’s pace of change and competitiveness, some websites may require more attention than others. A good indicator of competitiveness is measuring how many ads appear on the search results page for any given keyword. This can help with selecting which keywords and phrases are most worthwhile to target by examining the quantity of search volume, the difficulty required to rank and the likely conversion rate of visitors with those keywords.

PPC vs Organic Search

Keyword research has become a lost art and while often over promised, sometimes can be difficult to understand. The focus of good keyword researchers is to understand human behaviour and how to leverage the user’s needs to deliver the most important information. Human beings vary how they search, and keyword research depends on the target audience of your business. While PPC can be like gambling at a casino, SEO is a long term investment without the possibility of increased costs to maintain ROI. We offer competitive rates for all tiers of business, ensuring that you can scale your business without being locked in a three year contract.

SEOs can leverage appropriate strategies for specific small businesses that will grow sales by improving search rankings & online customer visibility.

I’m ranking but not for the keywords I want!

Small business websites with heavy quantities of search traffic require the most compelling, useful and unique copywriting to maintain competitive in their industry. The first step for any website should be an on-page SEO audit. Meta elements such as title and descriptions tags are a good step when trying to increase performance on Google. Fixing important pages will increase click through rates and appearance in the search results, We achieve this by optimizing key pages for industry relevant terms that matter to your customer base, eventually earning semantically related keywords that come naturally with great content. Google provides a pretty thorough explanation in this video, “Why Hire an SEO?”

Optimizing for local search

Local Google search results are the most affordable way to reach local customers in any industry where people are looking for reviews, price comparisons or local information. Our team is specialized at small business search optimization with a focus on ranking for local organic search. Our methods are based on analysis of on page elements, topical relevance in your local business niche and auditing the networks that are associated with your business. By assessing the quantity, quality, and relevance of redirected pages and backlinks we can provide an actionable strategy to improve search ranking.

Check out some of our local search accomplishments in our projects section.

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