Popups Impact SEO

Have you ever logged into a website, start reading and scroll just to be slapped in the face by an interstitial popup? We have, and it’s annoying, not to mention a horrible user experience. With the newly released case study by SEMRush listing the latest search ranking factors for 2018, we think that a popup penalty is very likely in the works. From a user experience perspective, these sites are horrible. By giving preference to domains that avoid popups, Google is shaping a better web.


Impossible to close

From what I understand it won’t be penalized if the popup is delayed or has a trigger point like a scroll point or the user going to leave the page. The primary goal of this penalty is to get rid of the annoying popups that cover the whole screen as soon as you land and are impossible to X out of. Typically these types of interstitials are used for subscriptions, checkout pages and hijacking users active window.

Spammy for Users

Try getting your brand message across without slapping users with an offer screen, ever. These types of spammy tactics tend to attract guru marketing, or untrustworthy sources. The value of personal information is important so let users decide if they want to sign up for a newsletter without an interstitial.

Penalty Risk

There are talks about pop-up penalties for websites that really abuse them.


In 2018 it’s not worth it to mess around with popup windows. It is clear that Google is moving towards a friendlier web, penalizing domains that elect to interfere with a clean user experience. While popups may have their time and place as far as conversion rates are concerned, the majority of their use is directed at spammy, irrelevant barriers preventing users from properly accessing the site.

But I still want to have a pop-up and fight for my right to advertise myself!

Lets have a chat and explain why that isn’t a great idea.

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