Simplify the wedding process

One click reservations

We designed a mobile friendly and responsive web page capable of handling the RSVP process for a guest list of over 50 people. This simple website was a hub for all the details and accommodations about the wedding with the guests. Looking at many different website services we found the easiest way to handle the RSVP’s for the reception, focusing on site usability, mobile friendliness and functionality. They were unsure if they needed a wedding website until we automated the RSVP process saving hours of time for the bride and groom. We recommend it to any couple who is looking to save time on invitations and wedding RSVP by providing a mobile friendly solution for your guests.

Gift registry and Food allergies

Elimating the second guessing out of the gift registry, we integrated the wedding wish list into the website, saving time and effort for all of the wedding guests.  In the case of Two Little Love Birdsthe retail partner was Bed Bath and Beyond. We ensured that the correct links were in place so guests knew exactly where to go to select a wedding gift.