The best way to stay on top of business in Kingston is to keep on testing. We can run A/B tests for your small business, set up landing pages, analyze search data and repair broken links in your site structure. When it comes to getting to the bottom of SEO issues, Lion Eater provides solutions for any small business. We have performed competitor audits in almost every niche, solving complex issues on a tight budget, helping business save time, money and successfully grow using online marketing.

We’ll save you money by taking your PPC budget and increasing ROI using organic search opportunities.

Lion Eater are experienced webmasters in Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Do results in the Kingston area display unfavourable results or opinions on your business? Forum posts, review sites and negative social media presence can hurt prospective customers and create a poor association with your company. Lion Eater Media are experienced specialists when it comes to reputation management, working with small and medium sized businesses, restaurants and brands in Kingston to step up search results.

We understand the work it takes to improve your digital footprint.

Technical SEO

Lion Eater offers plans for small and medium sized businesses in Kingston that are affordable, contract free and without messy reporting. Our reputable boutique content marketing agency can accomplish large agency results at a fraction of the costs locally from our offices in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA). We work one on one with e-commerce companies to improve ROI and online visibility. We keep Kingston business owners, marketing teams and developers up to date on SEO trends saving hours of research and second guessing.

Get started with a free audit. We’ll be happy to improve your website.