What is a Lion Eater?

It’s a funny story how the name of our agency came to be. In a beer-drenched bar basement downtown Burlington, ON a few co-workers and ex-musicians were having pints and throwing darts when the idea came to start lionEater, which advanced into man-eating-lions and a bunch of other references that have grown home with our brand.

While the name has assumed many meanings, there are certain aspects to the mythology of our name that can be attributed to our ability to approach problems as fearlessly as possible.

The greater semantic story came after watching the film, The Ghost In The Darkness, starring Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer as two British men assigned with the task of hunting a pair of man-eating lions that are preventing further development of the imperial railroad. The story of these Tsavo Man-Eaters was based on a real-life pair of man-eating male lions in the Tsavo region responsible for the deaths of a number of construction workers on the Kenya-Uganda Railway between March and December 1898.

Just as those lions disrupted progress for big business, we apply fierce marketing plans to stay competitive while spending less in ads or promotional media.

So what is a lion eater?

A renegade marketing professional capable of enterprise results on practical budgets. At lionEater our marketing troubleshooting skills identify organic search issues such as poor indexation or keyword strategy is part of the routine. We specialize in technical services such as hosting, server maintenance, and web development. Our approach to AdWords and SEO results in lower cost per click, further reach and plenty of data to support the next move.