Content Marketing and Copywriting for SEO

What is the difference between great content and bleh content? What prevents your content marketing efforts from reaching critical mass? You can be the best writer online but if your articles and website are not optimized for SEO, only the lonely will find you. Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO are integral pieces of the content puzzle in improving traffic and rankings. It’s hard to say what great content looks like because there is not a one size fits all formula. Want to write like Neil Patel? He tends to use short sentences in a conversational manner. This works for Neil– but it won’t work for everyone. Want something that is easily sharable with lots of photos? BuzzFeed is great at doing that, but is it worth copying their style? In this post we’ll go through the technical details of Content Marketing, testing your copywriting on social, and finding the sweet spot where you can grow an audience without spamming them with “SIGN UP NOW” popups.

Let’s start by asking a koan style question:

If a great piece of content falls off the Internet, does it make a sound?

If bleh content is shared across the web at a viral rate, does it make a sound?

If we’re going to find out, we have to learn how to measure the pulse of the web using marketing tools. So grab a coffee, sit back, and prepare to stop enjoying the magic of the Internet for a little while as we break it all down.

Tools of Measurement

Depending on what type of niche you are writing for can determine which tools are best for your strategy. Are you looking to become a travel writer? Maybe you are a food blogger and you wanted the coveted recognition of being an “influencer”, or perhaps you own a business and need to improve your ranking scores on Google. These are all valid reasons to want to create content. Having the right tools for your strategy is the most important factor in Content Marketing and Copywriting. If you can’t measure your efforts, their ranking on the SERP, or how customers are engaging (and what that engagement *could* mean) there is no way to improve them. Here are some of our favourite tools.

Content Marketing and Copywriting Tools

AWR Cloud

content marketing tools awrcloud


AWR Cloud is a fully functional website ranking and monitoring tool. They will give you a 30 day trial at no cost so you can try it for yourself. The features are not too complex or technical, making this the ideal tool for an introduction to SEO. With a starter price tag of $49.00 USD a month, it’s one of the best tools available on a budget.

Who is it good for?

Newbie SEOs or someone just learning the ropes. Chances are you will want more advanced information eventually.


awr cloud content marketing tools lion eater

The price ranges from $49 a month to $499 a month for enterprise. The only real difference is how many keywords you are tracking, so if you are looking for something to get your SEO chops wet with, try the free trial. Also, if you’re wondering what AWR stands for, it’s “Advanced Web Ranking”.



seo mozbot lion eater


Moz is one of the best communities to get started with serious SEO. There are great forums with lots of engagement from members spanning from a diverse background in digital marketing. There are free tools available for SEOs that are just starting out, as well as paid premium tools for more advanced users. The price range is a bit steep, but totally worth it if you are managing a large scale site.

Who is it good for?

Medium to entry level SEOs looking for keyword tracking, insights, automation.


content marketing tools lion eater content marketing tools lion eater

Moz ranges from the free tools to the monthly premiums. Some people say they are a bit pricey, while others swear by them. Being a major fan of Moz, and attending their MozCon 2015 conference, I would say that these tools are worth it only if you have an advanced SEO on hand to help with the gritty stuff. Moz makes it easy, but it doesn’t do the work for you.

SEM Rush content marketing tools semrush lion eater


SEMRush is one of the leading providers of keyword data for digital marketers. This is one of the most useful tools on this list. Using this tool can help guide marketing efforts, help reduce keyword research and provide insights based on a large data set for CPC and SEO campaigns.

Who is it good for?

Advanced or Expert SEOs looking for keyword research, data based analytics and competitive PPC insights.


content marketing tools lion eater

SEM Rush is affordable but by no means worth it for an inexperienced user. The price ranges from 69.95 USD a month to 549.95 USD, depending on what types of reporting and data you are looking at. This is a must have for any serious SEO.


content marketing tools lion eater Summary

BuzzSumo is a search tool that tracks and measures content on all social networking sites. It organizes their popularity based on the number of shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Breaking down content by topic or users with influencers. Great for finding new bloggers and turning them into brand ambassadors.

Who is it good for?

Anyone looking to share content online, keep up with the “Buzz” and stay on top of the trends. This is not a newbie tool, despite how user friendly it appears.


content marketing tools lion eater

Not particularly a fan of the pricing model for BuzzSumo. We’ve used Pro and it’s good, but there is a lot of noise when using this tool. Ranging from $99 a month to a whopping $999 a month, this tool is designed with big brands in mind. Despite it’s user friendly appeal, you should consult with an advanced technical SEO before making too many assumptions about this data.


lion eater content marketing tools similarweb


This multi-million dollar organization has roots in data mining. SimilarWeb has spent several years building the data collection infrastructure, refining data collection processes into reliable information. They are confident enough to say they offer the most accurate and unbiased data covering the digital world.

Who is it good for?

Anyone completing competitor research, investigating keywords or building an organic strategy for a brand. Medium to advanced SEO knowledge required.


content marketing tools similarweb pricing lion eater

Starting at $199 a month to unlisted prices, SimilarWeb is one of the most expensive tools on this list and not for beginners. What you are paying for here (like many of these tools) is the dataset that is available. Unless you have a really hungry data hound on your team, you might not be ready for this price tag.


content marketing tools lion eater


AHREFS is a great data source for links, competitive research, and organizing organic data. We’ve used it to uncover nasty links to our own site, as well as clients. It has a great built in disavow tool that is useful for advanced link research. Whenever we investigate a new website, we are running it through AHREFs.

Who is it good for?

Expert SEOs that know what they are looking for. This tool is great for link building, which is why its so expensive. Potentially the highest ROI on this list (if you know how to use it). Experts only!


content marketing tools lion eater

The price is pretty steep on this one, and it’s only really worth it if you are performing research or managing a link building campaign. From $99 USD to $179 USD a month, stay away from this tool if you aren’t an agency or advanced link builder.

How to Use Tools

Depending on what tools you decide to go with, you will still need a level of expertise and understanding to dive into Content Marketing with success. It is common for websites starting from the bottom to have a difficult time establishing their brand. If Content Marketing and SEO is something you are planning to invest in, consult with a professional to assess your web property, analyze the trends in search and make informed suggestions on what type of content it needs.

Have Brands Reached “Peak Content” ?

A study performed by the marketing experts at Track Maven suggests that Content Marketing is at it’s hottest point right now, with agencies focusing too hard on emulating the competition rather than setting the standard. With more companies yelling into the void that is Social Media Marketing, the only way to stand out is to have better than average content and a team to develop, distribute, and track it.

lion eater content marketing

By taking a look at these numbers its easy to see how SEO and Content Marketing fits into modern digital marketing strategies. Any website that is not committed to SEO efforts will find it difficult to modify and catch up with the competition.

content marketing stats lion eater

The current state of Content Marketing requires more than a spray and pray technique of mindless blog entries. As Content Marketing evolves with technology, the techniques required to keep up with competition will likely become more technical. A directed, SEO guided strategy is necessary to be found online in the modern digital marketing landscape. If you are interested in more Content Marketing statistics and would like to read the complete report from Track Maven, click here.

In Summary

Content Marketing and Copywriting require ongoing skill improvement. While the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, it is clear that technical skills are the greatest asset to determine success within the scope of future search algorithms. Simply creating unique, interesting, fun and fluffy content is not enough. When brands give up on their online presence, cheap out by copying content or lack the resources for technical improvements, the cost can go beyond paying copywriters. Sometimes it is cheaper to hire an agency, depending on the needs of your strategy.

There are so many tools out there it can give you a headache. Sometimes, less is more.

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