#StPatricksDay Marketing 2016

Holiday Marketing hashtags can be a frenzy, in a crazy industry full of spammy and knee-jerking tactics to get you to remember some schmucks brand. For companies that don’t need the lame publicity, sometimes brands will go for the punch anyway. Here are some of the best (and worst) Tweets using #StPatricksDay as a hash tag in an attempt to win at social media marketing.

SPORTS Marketing #StPatricksDay

I wonder if some of these brands use the same agency? Similar style, message, and delivery. Hmmm.


A great video showcasing #StPatricksDay promo’s for the NBA Antonio Spurs

Sports seemed to dominate the greatest #StPatricksDay content on Twitter.

NASCAR #StPatricksDay

POLITICS #StPatricksDay




Marvel is a great example of using Social Media Marketing effectively. The amount of shares and likes, increased engagement, and cleverness of a simple Incredible Hulk post can make the difference between a winning and losing brand. DC Comics, what happened?

A little less creative and clever than Marvel, but this ensemble of DC’s lamest Superhero franchise (Green Lantern) still looks clean and well designed (We should expect this from one of the leading Comic Publishers) but lacks the edge that Marvel is touting. DC Fans showcase their loyalty, with an increased amount of likes and shares than their Marvel counterparts.

Honorable Mentions (and Strange #StPatricksDay misses)

CREATIVE #StPatricksDay

This is a perfect example of engaging social media content, but it doesn’t get people sharing your post. A creative solution to get noticed using #StPatricks.

The Department of Defense #StPatricksDay

Not sure why the Department of Defense needs to Tweet on St. Patricks Day, if they were our client we wouldn’t be posting this. A green on green design, we don’t think “creativity” or worthwhile content when this image hijacks a Twitter newsfeed. Sometimes its better to hold off.

TRUMP #StPatricksDay

As great as this graphic appears, the content seems too exclusive to be useful on Social Media. How do they expect something like this to go viral? And why only wishing their colleagues a Happy St. Patricks day? The message comes off as egotistical, and a bit snubby to us common folk on social media.

Canada’s Twitter Account #StPatricksDay

For a country with one of the best media campaigns for it’s PM, the Twitter account missed the ball for #StPatricksDay.

American Airlines #StPatricksDay

If a customer was harassed while waiting in line at the Airport, it won’t be as playful s this cartoon suggests. Not sure what value this adds for the brand. Maybe someone had some green beer today. Not sure a “pinching good time” translates well with customers.

Travel Agency in Canada #StPatricksDay

Not sure what message this is trying to convey. What is engaging about this post? How does it add value to the customer. In this case, a traveller?

This seed should have been planted weeks ago in anticipation of the holiday, but maybe not on Twitter. Using #StPatricksDay to sell tours to Ireland is a bit off. Why would someone want to buy anything but beer on St. Patricks Day? How about a giveaway to engage an audience? This is an example of a sales funnel misfire.

Coca Cola WTF #StPatricksDay

St. Patty’s? Did a drunken intern put this together? It feels inauthentic and has nothing to do with Coca Cola. Hey guys, word of advice: sometimes it’s better to say less, do less, and spend less. But not if it’s going to look like this.

And then the just plain ridiculous.

Mashable #StPatricksDay

It’s Mashable, they are Social Media Marketing leaders. Of course they are going to put out something worth clicking on.

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