Using Pay Per Click to Boost Business

Advertising has changed, but not by much. While print media is seemingly dying, and conventional means such as print marketing become obsolete, the age of data-driven marketing is becoming the standard for any business looking to succeed online. Even brick and mortar shops require a digital presence to communicate with customers effectively. Pay Per Click campaigns can be expensive, but when they are done right can help improve the performance of all marketing channels, including search engine optimization.

In order to stay competitive in the new digital age and secure a share of local visibility for your small business, Pay Per Click marketing can be an effective short term solution. With the constant development and updates to digital marketing strategies, it’s important to hire the right team to keep your campaigns on track.

Redirect your budget

If you take one months budget on a billboard ad and put it towards digital, you get two immediate benefits:

  1. Tracking return of investment on all marketing dollars spent (PPC, Social, SEO)
  2. Audience information such as demographics, engagement with ads, behavioural patterns when browsing site

By implementing a digital marketing strategy, you can begin to understand the people interested in your products. Pay Per Click marketing is a quick way to jumpstart this process without neglecting SEO and Social channels as well.

Facebook Ads

Google is not the only service that offers Pay Per Click marketing and is certainly not the cheapest, making Instagram and Facebook Ads an effective alternative to paying Google. If you are a fan of the works of Larry Kim, Wordstream has put together a fairly in-depth article outlining the costs and benefits of Facebook vs Google.

Instagram Ads

As of June 2016, Instagram has broken half a billion monthly active users. For brands selling online, Instagram is a no brainer when it comes to Pay Per Click marketing with the best ROI. We can’t think of a better platform as far as low cost per click goes. These customers are bored and looking for something interesting, often ready to buy.

Twitter Ads

As much as we love Twitter, there has been little talk at Lion Eater about the success of running Pay Per Click on this platform. In most cases we found the money is better spent on content distribution, not paying for people to view. The strength in Twitter comes from its ability to share information organically, so no ads is a no brainer.

Auctions (PPC) vs Storytelling (SEO)

Pay Per Click is not a traditional means of marketing, consider it a shortcut to buy visitors to your site.  What that cost may be depends on who else is bidding on the keyword and Google’s interpretation of its worth. While PPC can buy traffic, it can also break the bank, and if those visitors don’t convert into a monetary gain, you’ve just paid Google for nothing.

We specialize in Technical SEO, which will benefit the overall PPC strategy. While we support PPC, we always believe in the greater benefit of SEO.

The team at Lion Eater can design, implement and start a campaign leveraging SEO, Social and PPC in a short period of time, allowing you to focus on your business and trust the digital marketing to us.