Jason Validator Tool?

No no, the JSON validator tool!

What is JSON-LD and what does it do?

From an SEO perspective, using JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation) is a great way to incorporate rich snippet data such as schema.org markup, a simple way to add unique meta information to the search engine results page (SERP). Examples of structured data schemas include Business Operation Hours, the Website or URL of a business, an event listing, price range, ratings and reviews as well as phone numbers or other contact information. The full list can be viewed here. This is the same code that is used to get rich snippet features on Knowledge Graph.

It is not complicated to set up schema markup using JSON-LD, and in this article we will discuss setting up schema markup that can upgrade a webpage to contain meta information for the SERP, which will hopefully increase the click-through-rate of the page.

Setting up a Product listing using JSON-LD

Setting up the schema.org data for a Product Listing is probably the most common and effective SEO benefits of JSON-LD. In this example, we will create a product with an aggregate rating and description, as well as featured reviews.

First, we must indicate the type of script being used. In this case, we want to declare the application as JSON-LD. The type is Product, which includes the aggregate rating, the rating value and description of the product.

Next we will define the product offering, price, currency and review  meta information. This includes the name of the user providing the review, as well as a short description. The limits for the aggregate rating must be defined, using best rating possible, worst rating possible and the rating value of the individual review. By using this formula  you can parse a database and provide an endless supply of meta information that updates as reviews come in.

<script type=“application/ld+json”>


 “@context”: “http://schema.org”,

  “@type”: “Product”,

 “aggregateRating”: {

 “@type”: “AggregateRating”,

 “ratingValue”: “8.5”,

    “reviewCount”: “420”


  “description”: “Fancy Swinging Paw Cat Toy is a catnip infused ray of sunshine, suitable for all types of cats”,

  “name”: “Fancy Swinging Paw Cat Toy”,

  “offers”: {

    “@type”: “Offer”,

    “availability”: “http://schema.org/InStock”,

    “price”: “27.00”,

    “priceCurrency”: “CAN”


  “review”: [


      “@type”: “Review”,

      “author”: “Mr. Meow”,

      “datePublished”: “2016-06-15”,

      “description”: “I can’t catch this thing! What a great product. Meow meow, I’m a cat”,

      “name”: “It’s quick and meow!”,

      “reviewRating”: {

        “@type”: “Rating”,

        “bestRating”: “10”,

        “ratingValue”: “7”,

        “worstRating”: “1”