Internet Detective: Email Searching

Email hunting for addresses can be a headache, but a necessary evil for the growth of any business. From startup Founders looking for exposure/ press, or growth hackers looking to reach out to influential media outlets, finding the right email is key. Bloggers looking to reach out for guest posts, products or content marketing efforts will find themselves in this position often: how do I find who I need to without spending more time than it’s worth? Writing customized outreach emails is an effort in itself. The best way to save time hunting for that perfect person is to get crafty with Google search, or use a swift service online.

Here are a few methods that Lion Eater Media uses in-house that make it easy to find what you are looking for when it comes to email outreach.

email hunter lion eater

Brainstorm before you Email Hunt

If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. Sometimes guessing email addresses is more work than its worth. That is why we suggest using an email permutator to generate the possibilities. All you need to know is the potential first name, last name and domain.

Start by breaking down the most common email structures

name structure chart lion eater

In this case, we are looking for someone in the travel industry named John Smith.

email permutator

Input your data and start permutating!

emails found

Email Hunting on Google

You don’t need to pay to find email addresses online. In fact, there are many tools to help make it easy to find email addresses using Google.

google search name

Use combinations in search to find potential email addresses on Google such as [Name] + contact, [Name] + [Company Name] or [Name] + [Location]. This is one of the oldest methods of finding an email address, and a good place to start.

Test E-mail Address

Now that you’ve found potential leads, it’s time to test them. The best way we’ve found to check if an e-mail is valid or not is by using a verification tool.

We prefer to use

email scan verification

Once you’ve tested the address and it is verified, start drafting your outreach email and fire away. There is no guarantee that it will be read, but at least now you know it’s going to a valid inbox.

Leverage The Power of LinkedIn (InMail)

linkedin inmail premium

If you can find the person you are looking for on Google, but you can’t seem to find their email, you can always pay to get in touch with them. By upgrading to LinkedIn Premium, you will have access to InMail credits which will allow you to send a message to anyone on LinkedIn, regardless if they are in your network. We use this as a last effort, as there are free alternatives that we will go over below.

Use a Service like EmailHunter

email hunter service

Save the effort of searching through the SERPs and utilize a great tool like email hunter. This service is recommended by Rand from Moz, not to mention countless growth hackers and content marketing professionals. When it comes to outreach, its better to spend time on the important tasks like writing emails, rather than finding them.



In this case, looking for someone in the travel industry that works at G Adventures is easy with a tool like this, saving time and effort on content marketing outreach.

What tools do you prefer to use? Let us know on social. Happy email hunting!