Pull out your tin foil hats and sing the blues, Google has essentially killed SEO for beginners looking to use free tools such as Keyword Planner to organize and target their marketing efforts. This news comes to a surprise to some, but for many who believe “SEO is dead” this is the next step to interfering with optimization efforts. Google is making it clear that yes, they understand there is a value in SEO- but they would rather you pay for ads instead. Google may have killed the source of free keyword data, leaving us with groggy estimates, but intermediate SEOs will find a work around. Besides, keywords are not everything. Google taking this data away only hurts newbies, and sends a stark message to the SEO community: stop gaming us.

But what does this mean for the future of SEO, now that such an important source of data is gone? Many tools rely on Google’s Keyword Planner to source information for prospecting. Now that this data is becoming harder and harder to get, what can we expect from marketing firms? Should the prices for marketing go up as the cost of tools increase?

With Google adding obscurity the SEO landscape, the value of SEO increases as skilled analysts become better at their jobs.

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