Capture Competitor Sales Leads with Clear CTA

The method we are about to discuss is not technically considered black hat, although we will get into the details of why it may be considered unethical by web masters who view it as plagiarism. If you are a cut throat marketer who isn’t concerned with the ethics of this grey area of internet marketing, this post was made for you. For social media alternatives to Hootsuite, check this article is a tool that allows you to overlay custom content (Call to Action Text / Button) so your link will appear on any website link shortened using the service. This is designed to encourage content curation and reward curators with a button to reach their audience and link back to their website.  It integrates easily with Buffer and Hootsuite, saving time and money on your Social Media team.

sniply analytics menu analytics at work. This is the FREE version. Obviously our Call to Action was no good.

Why use

Because it’s free! They offer premium services as well, but the free version is enough to improve your newsletter. A useful tool to strike opportunities and re-market your content to increase conversions.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

The most obvious place I can see this tool being useful is for sales roles (Realtors, Insurance Brokers, Mortgage, Financial Planning) who are sharing content on social media that is outside their speciality or resources to write. This saves time and effort by adding an easy “reminder” on any piece of content that you influenced the click. This allows actionable results for applying data driven SEO strategies, testing CTA text and promoting new content. It is easy to use, and there is a pretty good chance of ROI for 1,000 free clicks a month. also offers agency price plans.

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But is it Black Hat?

By using this tool you can essentially steal a competitors piece of content, display an ad over top of it, and take credit for their work. An example would be this this link for our SEO Services Contact page. Some say that this is unethical, but it sounds a lot like Metallica whining about Napster; if people are viewing the content, traffic is still traffic to the host site.

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This technique is user friendly, albeit, a little spammy if you overdo it.

The Alternate Reality: redirecting

This tool is similar to other redirect tools (we use for tracking) except that it inserts code to the page to make a native-looking popup.

You can customize the button to match a seasonal offer, or use the link as list building tool for a marketing campaign.This being particularly useful for contest marketing, or lead generation.

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Why insert a CTA?

One of the earliest recommendations we give clients is to improve their home page and include a clear call to action. Sometimes websites seem better without even thinking about it because there is a clear path to completing  a task. Seems like common sense, right? The problem is that with every audience and website the game is a little different. That is why data based marketing is so helpful. For an SEO, it is the greatest asset is testing ideas and focus on UX. Setting up Heat Maps, AB Testing, Click Trails and analytics data can debug major issues with minimal cost.

Many forms of content sharing exist on the internet. nicely fits into that grey area between micro and full-on blogging, by letting you take a part of another’s content, add your comments, and share your thoughts with the world without taking up too much of your time. –

One of the easiest ways to build an audience and take great content to the next level is incorporating a clean call to action button. The benefits of are pretty simple. Anyone can use the shortener and take the work out of adding plugins or code to your website. This is a solution for beginners and a much better alternative to something as messy as a page builder plugin (or the worst of all, Wix).


There are a lot of positive uses for this tool. It can save a lot of time and is great for testing e-mail marketing strategies, but this also leaves room for abuse, negative SEO and misleading web experience. The service costs about $29 a month, and provides detailed analytics tools for anyone interested in giving it a shot. Its an easy, budget friendly way to improve in house marketing efforts. The best part: you don’t need to be technical to use it.

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