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Rand Fishkin Starts SparkToro

What is SparkToro? A new company started by Moz co-founder Rand Fishkin that is geared towards software development for mining audience and influencer information. The company aims to provide lists of influencers you can monitor, track for competitive mentions and … Read More

Intrusive Interstitial Mobile Web

Popups Impact SEO Have you ever logged into a website, start reading and scroll just to be slapped in the face by an interstitial popup? We have, and it’s annoying, not to mention a horrible user experience. With the newly … Read More

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

What is Hummingbird? Google has an affinity for naming their algorithm updates (that often cause chaos and stress for business owners) after cute, fuzzy animals. Hummingbird is no different. Introduced in the fall of 2013, the Google Hummingbird algorithm has … Read More

Net Neutrality B2B Marketing

The Effect of Net Neutrality’s Repeal on B2B Marketing Throughout the infancy of the commercial internet in the 1990s and well into its adolescence in the 2000s, the web has pretty much remained a free and open source of information. … Read More

Organic Yelp Review Strategy

Google vs. Yelp With the importance of reviews on the rise, connecting with third-party services such as Yelp can yield organic visibility when it comes to local search. For smaller less recognized brands, Yelp may be the fastest route to … Read More

Internet Neutrality Impact on SEO

What is Net Neutrality?   Net neutrality relates to the idea and principle that any Internet Service Provider must treat all data equally, regardless of source, type or destination. What does this mean for businesses and search engine optimization? While … Read More

WTF Is An Influencer?

Influencers: The 21st Century Lemming Herder   So What Is An Influencer?   Influencer marketing is nothing new, and has been around for many years before the Internet was commonplace. Do you remember those crazy chain letters in the 90’s? … Read More

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