A general glossary of terms in SEO Marketing, common questions and resources for client SEO.

What is a Google Penalty?

What is a Google Penalty and what does it do? A Google Penalty (or manual review) is the negative impact on search rankings and can range anywhere from a noticeable decrease in visibility to having pages deindexed temporarily until the issue … Read More

What is a Google search?

What does a regular search query on Google look like? A search query or “Google Search” is the abstraction of a set of words, sometimes referred to as a string that is sent through any type of sorting algorithm and return information relevant to … Read More

What is Branded Search?

What is the difference between basic vs. Branded Search? The term Branded Search is used in search engine marketing to describe a type of search query related to your business. In most cases, you should always rank #1 for your branded search queries, … Read More

On Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO? When you hear the term On-Page SEO, it is likely that someone is talking about the Title and Description tags on the page. These tags are an important element of SEO because they indicate what each page … Read More

WYSIWYG editors

What is a WYSIWYG Editor? A WYSIWYG Editor (or What You See Is What You Get) is a common term used for simplifying a content management system so that the edited form is similar to the final product. These types of … Read More

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