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We started working with People of Hamilton in 2015 when the local blog scene was starting to boom. By developing a clear content strategy with purpose, we managed to help PoH cover the Juno Awards in Hamilton as well as other local events such as Supercrawl 2015. By targeting opportunities for traffic and taking advantage of local festival searches, Lion Eater assisted in increasing organic traffic and becoming a competitor in the local blog space with less resources and time.

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The right demographic in Hamilton

The content direction required for the People of Hamilton project required understanding the Hamilton niche. We investigated local blogs such as I Heart Hamilton, This Must Be The Place and Cut From Steel to gain insights into what people of hamilton were looking for. By applying the insights from the research phase, we were able to target the 18-35 crowd, mostly female market. As we grow the website from an ad-free space to locally sourced, sponsored ads we will improve the opportunity to connect the community with local business while also saving money. We will target businesses paying too much for traditional ads such as billboards, the Hamilton Spectator, Exclaim or Hamilton Magazine.

No PR firm required

All websites require quality links to improve their search appearance, however not all websites know how to build them organically. When you allow spammy, unrelated content that links to your website Google interprets this as link farming and can penalize your website. With our professional services monitoring the status of People of Hamilton, we managed to keep link building to a minimum while maintaining organic momentum. Although it doesn’t seem like much, earning 700+ local keywords in a city as big as Hamilton is no easy task.

organic traffic for people of hamilton

Technical Benchmarks


Next steps: People of Hamilton 2.0

The next steps for People of Hamilton involve moving over to our servers to improve site speed, user experience and mobile load times. With over 1k monthly views, People of Hamilton is set to become monetized after 3 years of hard work. By working together we have built a better web presence. This case study will be updated as the migration is completed in 2018.

You can view People of Hamilton here.