Financial Technology WordPress Solution with custom API integration


SAIV Wealth required a search friendly small business developer to create a website that could load quickly, deliver dynamic content that was scalable and integrate with customer databases updating a web facing client portal with up to date updates and information.

During the initial discovery phase we understood that project required an easy to use open source CMS, so we selected WordPress as the most affordable option. This allowed us to focus our team resources on SEO and customizing the user portal.

In the case of SAIV, we had to find a way to integrate custom algorithms with Salesforce and WordPress using the REST API. The nature of development requires many hours of trial and error, so troubleshooting skills are vital during this stage. As new features continue to be added, these custom integrations become more complex and require ongoing maintenance.

SSL Certificates and Hosting

There is no substitute for quality websites when it comes to search marketing. We start with a strong foundation of technical SEO saving time across all marketing channels as the business invests in ad campaigns, social media and email marketing.

We provided SAIV Wealth with a mobile friendly, responsive, that was custom built for their budget.

When we are working with our clients we understand that sometimes progress can take time, especially during the start up stage. When budget is tight it is difficult to measure what services to invest in. Consulting with SAIV Wealth made it clear that word of mouth was the primary method of earning new clients. We focused on establishing consistent brand presence across all social channels without investing more time than needed. By remaining loyal to the client needs, we have managed to improve their service level incrementally, focusing on the development of new features for their users.

SAIV required a solution for working with technology partners so we worked around custom APIs and technical setbacks until we had a functional sign up process.

Corporate branding comes with a price when you do not have control over social media assets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Having a common ownership across all social channels promotes a distinct corporate personality. We helped SAIV Wealth organize and protect their brand.

Strong corporate branding helps organizations to answer questions like “who are we?” and “where are we going?” We were capable of providing all of these services including web development at a fraction of the cost of other big agencies in Hamilton.

SAIV Wealth is a locally based financial technology company from Hamilton, Ontario.